Creo  is a contemporary dance company based in Athens, Greece and a member of the Association of Greek Choreographers since 2010. Created in 2008, part of the Reon no-profit group of artists. Now is under the care of the choreographer Polina Kremasta.



  1.  «All my strangers» 50min

Choreography: the company

– Simple theater, May 2008


  1. «Ceci n’ est pas un siège » 40min

Choreographer: Pauline Kremasta

Dancers: Pauline Kremasta, Giannis Stavropoulos

-Kinitiras residency center, November 2009

-Keas summer dance festival, August 2009

-9th Dance Festival of the Association of the Greek choreographers, May


-Insoliti International dance festival, Turin, Italy, December 2010.

-ContAct art festival, Thesaloniki, Greece, December 2010.


The company received a state grant for this performance by the Greek National Center of Theater and Dance.


  1. «GODOT»50min

Choreographer: Pauline Kremasta

Dancers: Aria Boubaki, Lia Chamilothori or Angeliki Dalangeli, Giannis Stavropoulos, Pauline Kremasta.

-10th Dance Festival of the Association of the Greek choreographers, May

2011, theater Olvio, Athens.

-3rd International street festival, 1-3 July, Sidagma square, Athens.

-Festival “La Becquée” Brest, France, October 2011.

-Sarajevo International Festival 2012, March 2012.

  1. « What if/ would you » 40min

Choreographer: Polina Kremasta

Dancers: Angeliki Dalangeli, Aria Boumpaki, Dionysia Basta, Polina   Kremasta, Alexandros Laskaratos, Ioannis Stavropoulos

– Duncan Dance Center, Athens, 3 May 2012

-Benaki museum, Athens, 12 May 2012

-Rock Theater-Melina Merkouri, Athens, 19 May 2012

-11th Dance Festival of the Association of Greek choreographers, Athens, 7- 8-9 June 2012.

-1st Street Theater Festival, Ioannina city, September 2012


  1. «flâneuse.» 30-50min

meetings with places and artists



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