Open Call – What if / would you

Our times are characterized by a wide crisis, spiritual, ethical, economical, but above all a crisis of the human existence itself. Man has forgotten that if there is one thing that distinguishes him as a being on this planet is his ability to create and to perceive. Which is the very dipole of Art, creation and perception. On the one hand one has to “build” an artistic creation and, on the other, one has to perceive it as such.

In a time and in a country where Art is considered a luxury, something outside of us, our needs as creators are magnified and we hunger for collaboration and pretexts for tomorrow’s dreams and projects. But above all we have a hunger for finding an answer to the question: whether it is worth it for a creator-human being to take the first step-risk in his eternal anxiety to defend his right to still speak and to prove that his work is not a luxury, but an integral part of human nature and human communities.

The first step

“Under conditions of tyranny it is far easier to act than to think”  Hannah Arendt

These words by Arendt have been the starting point and the spark for the journey on this exploratory route. In our opinion every artist needs to overcome the insecurity born in him by the anxiety of exposure and to take the first step. Because only then will more steps follow and there will be a trail of footprints, that will influence, awaken and activate the footsteps of another. The company is asked, in other words, to prove the obvious. How it will succeed in creating a performance from scratch and how it will motivate others in that direction.

It is on this idea of the great importance of the first step and how this becomes a pretext but also a prerequisite for dreams and for the creation of a whole trail of footprints, that this project is based. We focus and base all our research on the “what if / would you” binary, which we think represents the dilemma of taking that first step. The exploratory route that Creo Dance Company will follow will be based on the formation of four images which will be dealing with four different aspects of the “what if / would you” binary.

1. What if you didn’t have anything to say, would you still start a conversation?

2. What if you were afraid, would you still take the first step?

3. What if you really needed something, would you go after it?

4. What if you didn’t have any guarantees, would you still act?

The performance/show will thus be dealing with and bringing to light these four images while giving a “yes” answer to the questions they pose.

In the first question the dancing body will explore ways of starting a “conversation” with the person standing next to it. In the second, the dancers will be faced with the dilemma and the attempt to plan a group route/trail. In the third question-image they will test the limits they will have to reach if the collaboration of the body next to them is not a given. Finally, in the fourth and last image, they will try to risk their integrity even without the guarantees that they will survive, be saved, move ahead.

The route

The most important part of the project will be the route/process itself as its goal will be to become a starting point and a spark that will motivate other artists from all areas.

During the preparation of the performance/ show the company will be presenting a number of open rehearsals. The “open rehearsals” will take place in both open and closed spaces, in other words both in Standard Conditions and outside Standard Conditions for a dancing body i.e. in the studio, the park etc.

This will be a project whose journey will be made up of many small “performances/shows” which will be disappearing in order for a new one to take their place and they will thus endlessly succeed one another. Because each open presentation will be mortal and unique since the next rehearsal will lead it somewhere else and will transform it.

The whole journey will be full of mortal moments, open to the spectator, who will be called to witness not a staged rehearsal, like a “walk through”, but an open creative process, a dialogue between its co-creators.

At these open rehearsals the company will each time invite artists from all areas, musicians, painters, visual artists, photographers, writers, architects etc.

The artists will take something out of the rehearsal, they will interact with it and react to it. In other words they will be asked to create something of their own or to incorporate something to what they’ve seen. For example, a photographer could take pictures, a painter could make a sketch or complete a painting during the rehearsal period, a musician could follow a rehearsal by improvising or build a piece with us.

Each artist can watch an open rehearsal and then share with us the material that was inspired by it or they can watch a number of open rehearsals and complete a work of their own in relation to what they are watching and what is being proposed to them or by taking that as a starting point.

All the artists’ material gathered by the company will then be included, if they also wish it, in a group and polymorphic exhibition at the end of our journey. At the exhibition one will be able to follow the footsteps that we all took together and be inspired to take his or her own. Photographs, paintings, music, videos, models, movement, poetry, speech, all in a creative celebration/ a festival of creativity, all presented and reignited. This polymorphic exhibition will be completed with the presentation of the performance created by Creo Dance Company with the footsteps it chose to take.

The verification

Thus the project auto-verifies itself as it proves that courage and taking the first step, even with a theory or subject matter that seems uninspired, becomes a platform for new beginnings, for new dreams and developments.

It verifies its subject, the “what if / would you” binary.

If you had nothing to say would you start a conversation?

If you had nothing to propose would you act?

Well, yes.

“Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead. Walk beside me and be my friend.” Albert Camus

The Poem

Without guarantees

What if you didn’t have anything to say?

You want to reach and touch and see…closer…but you can’t and you try for the impossible in order to create the possible.

Your mouth opens but instead of words, cloth comes out and in, and sometimes skin…

What if you didn’t have anything to say…would you still try to start a conversation?

What if you didn’t have anything to propose, would you still go near someone?

What if you didn’t have any solutions, would you still act?

What if you were chased without a reason, would you run away?

What if you were violated, would you scream?

What if you were suffocated, would you struggle?

Let us discuss nothing specific…

Let us talk about love…

Polina Kremasta

Creo Dance Company

*A production of  REON non profit Artistic company



*With the support of the Duncan Dance Center (Athens, Greece)




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